Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Time and again we have been told that film making is a costly
affair. You need good cameras, lights, large crews, extravagant sets
and what not. All of these cost a pretty hefty amount of money.

We are a self-somposed group of independent artists trying
to express ourselves creatively through the film-media
without seeking any help from producers or financiers.
This is the 2nd season we are opting for a direct to DVD
release again.

1) Basontogatha (2010)
Ballad of the Spring
Bengali, 14:46 min
Dir: Arupratan Ghosh

BasantoGatha (Duration 15 Mnts) was shot during March- April '10, using a Canon Digital Camera (Non SLR). The ephemeral senses of those evenings in Kolkata and suburb surely added gestures of its own kind into the images. The fake blood , dropping down from the heart of the city, slapped me in the last day of shooting.

Nevertheless , we used few lines from “Hawa” (The Wind), a collection of poems By Arup Ghosh, in the film.
The arrows are much straighter this time! Hope all of us will have a comprehensive viewing of the film.

2) Jotugriho (2011)
Secret Footage
Bengali, 61:24 min
Dir: Anamitra Roy & Snigdhendu Bhattacharya

The Voyage: Souradeepta is a trendy teenager from a small township somewhere in Bengal. Being abducted by a mysterious guy he comes to know about a worldwide conspiracy against the cultural identity and versatility of human being. He was suggested to visit Kolkata in order to understand the all of it. Being both inspired and confused Souradeepta arrives at Kolkata where he conducts a survey amongst the youth, meets 'the guy who knows it all' and lights up a cigarette for 'the just murderer'.

The Encounter: Another mysterious guy who already had a screen appearance in the first segment abducts Avik and asks him about 'the mission'. Now-a-days, Avik has become a part of the corporeal city. He walks on the streets with thousands of distracting self-images around him. He is an award-winning filmmaker planning his next film on some novel by Sunil Gangopadhyay. Say the doggy dog world, he is in for it.
At the end of the film, Avik is re-introduced to an old text to see if he could recognize it.

3) Memories_Alternate Cut (2011)
Bengali, 22:40 min
Dir: Abhishek Bhattacharya

"I had always heard your entire life flashes in front of your eyes the second before you die."
-Kevin Spacey (American Beauty)

4) Chhobi Somporke Du-ek ta Kotha (2011)
Two or Three Things about Visuals
Bengali, 26:36 min
Dir: Sriparna Dey

In a private library a lonesome painter finds an old painting without a signature and his life changes all of a sudden. The this line between reality and dream evaporates. He starts to feel that he is living a nightmare and would never be able to come out of it...

Total Runtime: 125 minutes approximately.
Participatory Contribution Rs.100/- or more

The release is scheduled in Little Magazine Fair at
Rabindrasan, Kolkata on the evening (5:30 pm)
of 12th January, 2011

Support the no-budget wave...

For us, film is not an industry, rather an activism.
It is not all about gloss.


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