Monday, March 15, 2010

The Annual Meeting on 18th March

The annual meeting of LFEBF is being held on March 18, 2010 in front of the statue of Lenin at Esplanade. Individuals willing to participate please post comments here or contact Sriparna (9903998708), Anamitra (9883103809), Arupratan (9432860086) or Mainak (9836833606).
Be there within 5:30 in the evening.

We repeat, no one is going to be informed personally. Just follow the blog to stay in touch.

Stay for the cause....

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Five No Budget Films: 2nd Edition: DVD Release on 13th March,2010

We are glad to announce that 2nd edition of the DVD containing all the five no budget films will be released on 13th March,2010, at Kolkata Maidan.

The price of the DVD package is Rs. 100/-
On this occasion a Pouch Edition of the DVD is also being released. The price of the this edition of the DVD is Rs. 50/-
Copies will not be available anywhere except the screening venues (informations will be posted shortly on this blog). You can get your copy from LFEBF members too.

Call for your copy:
[For Kolkata, Howrah, 24 PGS, Hooghly & Nadia]
Arup (9432860086), Anamitra (9883103809), Sriparna (9903998708), Pratik (9804202863), Snigdhendu (9330948167), Ananda (9831396945), Sumit (9051226823), Abhishek (9874294708)

[For Delhi]
Souva (+91-9811839083)

Or Write Us:

Raise your hands in support of the non-industrial mode of film-making ....

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Five No Budget Films: DVD Release on 30th January

We are happy to announce that a DVD containing all the five no budget films will be released on 30th January, in Kolkata Book Fair 2010.

The price of the DVD is Rs. 100/-.

The DVD will be available at the stalls of Kaurab (Stall No. 405) andNatun Kabita (Stall No. 406).

Otherwise, in case you are unable to come to the book fair, you can contact in any of the following numbers to get your copy:

Arup (9432860086), Sriparna (9903998708), Sankha (9477413550), Souva (+91-9811839083), Snigdhendu (9330948167), Sumit (9051226823), Abhishek (9874294708)

DVD Cover:

Inlay Card