Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Web Release: 3rd Compilation: No Budget Films

3rd Compilation: No Budget Films is now available on the web to buy or rent. Click here to check out

For all the LFEBF films available on Zinemaya go to this link

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Kolkata Book Fair '12: Update

"3rd Compilation: No Budget Films" is now available at Kolkata Book Fair 2012. Ask for copies at Kaurab (Stall No. 531), Natun Kabita (Stall No. 380), Abhijan Pub (Stall No. 324), Graffiti Kolkata Broadside (Little Mag Pav, table no. 77), গুরুচন্ডা৯ guruchandali (Little Mag Pav, table no.2) and Jari Bobajuddho.

Happy Reading. Happy Viewing.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Updates: Little Magazine Fair, Kolkata, 2012

The Little Magazine Fair takes place every year in the premises of Rabindra Sadan, Kolkata during the month of January. As we had previously announced on this blog, the 3rd Compilation was released on the eve of 12th January, 2012, the 2nd day of the said fair, and was received with duly warmth. As of  now the circulation figure stands at the total 44 on an average of 11 copies a day.

From the stats stated above the fishes can smell that the Kolkata Book Fair (25th Jan. - 5th Feb. 2012) this year is going to be big for them. Now the question is, "Are You Enough Fish Yet!?"

Monday, January 9, 2012

No Budget Films: 3rd Compilation is coming soon!

2012 is here, the third year since we started our activism for film-making, free of all the accessories associated with cinema. We have experimented, explored, experienced and expanded over time. Our third compilation of five films take our efforts towards independent expression further, as we near the day for a direct to DVD release.
The release is scheduled for the 12th of January, 2012, at the Little Magazine Fair held at Rabindra Sadan, Kolkata.

The five films in a nutshell:

1. Mr. Director (2011)
Bengali, 45:28 min
Dir: Snigdhendu Bhattacharya
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A director lands in serious internal crisis and frustration after he fails to come up with a story for his upcoming film, even the shooting schedule of which has been more or less finalised. He makes two scripts but finally cancels both of them after realising that events are actually being imposed on the storyline and that he will cheat the viewer...

2. Sunday at Galiff Street (2011)
Bengali, 09:30 min
Dir: Arupratan Ghosh
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The weekly transformation of one of the busiest roads of the city into a paradise for people interested in buying and/or selling birds and other rare species has been captured in this short documentary.

3. Replica (2012)
Bengali, 26:58 min
Dir: Sriparna Dey
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The story revolves around a teenage photographer who stays with his father. The boy is haunted by painting he has never seen in his real life. He is not even sure if it is a painting or not but the image keeps appearing repeatedly like a vision. He feels that someone is trying to communicate with some message that he must receive. While searching for the root of this uncommon phenomenon, the untold history of his own roots gets unfolded to the teenager.

4. Memories of a Dead Township (2012)
Bengali, 28:00 min
Dir: Anamitra Roy
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A docu-fiction on childhood memories, the place where the maker had spent 16 valuable years of his life: a deadened estate revisited. A locked-out factory, buildings, architectures, and reminiscences of a life lived like birds...the fourth short film by Anamitra Roy.

5. City (2012)
Bengali, 28:13 min
Dir: Twish Mukherjee
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Two college-going boys are very good friends despite their differences. One is a carefree and happy-go-lucky person, while the other is perpetually distressed about his studies, his parents etc. One night, the latter returns home quite late in the night, and gets thrown out of the house. Alone, along the empty roads of the city, he has weird nocturnal experiences that send him back to the drudgery of his hopeless life. On he day of the exam, his friend meets him in the morning and starts brainwashing him again.

Support the no-budget wave: The Forum on Facebook.
The minimum participatory contribution for this year's DVD is:
Rs. 100/- within West Bengal
Rs. 200/- for the rest of India
Rs. 500/- for Bangladesh

Contact us on:
lfebf.kolkata@gmail.com, littlefisheatbigfish@gmail.com
91 9432860086, 91 9883103809, 91 9883504512, 91 9330948167

"For us, film is not an industry, rather an activism.
It is not all about gloss."

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

No Budget: 3rd Compilation: LFEBF

The 3rd compilation is going to be launched on the 12th of January this year

The films in the DVD are ---
(click on the films name for FB links)

1. Mr. Director by Snigdhendu Bhattacharya
2. Sunday at Galiff Street by Arupratan Ghosh
3. Replica by Sriparna Dey
4. Memories of a Dead Township by Anamitra Roy
5. City by Twish Mukherjee

Out of the five, four films have been shot and directed by old Little Fishes and Twish Mukherjee, a new little fish, is contributing for the first time in this compilation. Four out of the five films have already geared up the promotions.

The Trailers:

Mr. Director (2012)

Sunday at Galiff Street (2012)

Replica (2012)

City (2012)

Memories of a Dead Township (2012)

Stay tuned

Monday, January 2, 2012

Featured Member: Joel Currier

[ Joel Currier, popularly known as Screamingjay, is a film-buff from Canada. He has been associated with the torrent archives like 'Karagarga' and 'Pass the Popcorn'. He always stands by our initiatives in terms of promotion. As a forum, we are featuring this friend / member from overseas to express our gratification.

The address of Joel's Art blog is http://joelcuerrier.blogspot.com/ ]

          Joel Currier                  

LFEBF: Tell us, what made you interested in films?

Joël: first film that made a huge impression on me was 2001 A Space Odyssey. I was 14 or so and that's when I started collecting movies and started wanting to register in a creative field in college
I went to cinema first, but I already knew more than they were teaching me
so I switched to literature
Another question?

LFEBF: Tell your story...just the story

Joël: I've collected movies ever since... and books, records, even magazines and pictures of paintings. I'm a pack rat of everything related to culture in general. To create a museum in my home, of world culture
I've discovered my favorite movie around 15-16... and that is "Underground" by Emir Kusturica. It's hard for me to decide of a better movie for me since. It's just such a fascinating exposé of modern history
I've discovered many of my great passions through P2P... like screwball comedies and film noir. Would never have seen that many classic movies without these accesses I had to sites like Karagarga and before that, to Direct Connect hubs like the Grand Hub for Everything that released TCM encodes by the dozen while this channel was not available in Canada
I have around 25000 movies, tv series, shorts, documentaries now, which is more than I will ever have time to watch in all my life. But I don't find this to be the point of my obsession. It is more to have access to all movies, at any time, and watch the full filmography of an actor, a writer, a director or a filmographer if I want to

LFEBF:  Now, why do you stand by unknown filmmakers like us

Joël: I am always curious about new things happening in the world cinema, to see what people are coming up with. The last half-century of cinema have seen the birth of cinema for most the rest of the world. That is to say, you use to have powerhouses like the US, France, UK, Russia, Germany, Italy and so fourth... doing much/most of the cinema. Then since the end of world war 2 and the beginning of the breakup of the Hollywood studios through anti-trust laws. When Orson Welles left Hollywood in 1958, everything went downhill for them... and it haven't totally recovered its past glory every since. Sure, it does make some good movies still, but not in such a large volume ever since. But the downfall of Hollywood opened the gate for the rest of the world to make better cinema. Also helped in large part by European festivals promoting cinema from lesser known regions. Now too with modern technology, many aspiring filmmakers can just get together, invest some of their money and make a movie, which open the possibilities for millions to go ahead and make their movies. Sadly, in America, it seem those cheaper means of production have lead to a flood of very poor, very unartful horror movies. But I'm sure we will see our Citizen Kane of "budget filmmaking". There was a few very successful zero-budget movies through the years, that have made stars of their directors. Like "Clerks" and "El Mariatchi", both produced with mediocre budgets and that went on to become cult movies and turned their directors into successful career from that point on. I'm sure we will always see people like that make it on a shoestring.