Monday, January 9, 2012

No Budget Films: 3rd Compilation is coming soon!

2012 is here, the third year since we started our activism for film-making, free of all the accessories associated with cinema. We have experimented, explored, experienced and expanded over time. Our third compilation of five films take our efforts towards independent expression further, as we near the day for a direct to DVD release.
The release is scheduled for the 12th of January, 2012, at the Little Magazine Fair held at Rabindra Sadan, Kolkata.

The five films in a nutshell:

1. Mr. Director (2011)
Bengali, 45:28 min
Dir: Snigdhendu Bhattacharya
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A director lands in serious internal crisis and frustration after he fails to come up with a story for his upcoming film, even the shooting schedule of which has been more or less finalised. He makes two scripts but finally cancels both of them after realising that events are actually being imposed on the storyline and that he will cheat the viewer...

2. Sunday at Galiff Street (2011)
Bengali, 09:30 min
Dir: Arupratan Ghosh
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The weekly transformation of one of the busiest roads of the city into a paradise for people interested in buying and/or selling birds and other rare species has been captured in this short documentary.

3. Replica (2012)
Bengali, 26:58 min
Dir: Sriparna Dey
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The story revolves around a teenage photographer who stays with his father. The boy is haunted by painting he has never seen in his real life. He is not even sure if it is a painting or not but the image keeps appearing repeatedly like a vision. He feels that someone is trying to communicate with some message that he must receive. While searching for the root of this uncommon phenomenon, the untold history of his own roots gets unfolded to the teenager.

4. Memories of a Dead Township (2012)
Bengali, 28:00 min
Dir: Anamitra Roy
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A docu-fiction on childhood memories, the place where the maker had spent 16 valuable years of his life: a deadened estate revisited. A locked-out factory, buildings, architectures, and reminiscences of a life lived like birds...the fourth short film by Anamitra Roy.

5. City (2012)
Bengali, 28:13 min
Dir: Twish Mukherjee
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Two college-going boys are very good friends despite their differences. One is a carefree and happy-go-lucky person, while the other is perpetually distressed about his studies, his parents etc. One night, the latter returns home quite late in the night, and gets thrown out of the house. Alone, along the empty roads of the city, he has weird nocturnal experiences that send him back to the drudgery of his hopeless life. On he day of the exam, his friend meets him in the morning and starts brainwashing him again.

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The minimum participatory contribution for this year's DVD is:
Rs. 100/- within West Bengal
Rs. 200/- for the rest of India
Rs. 500/- for Bangladesh

Contact us on:,
91 9432860086, 91 9883103809, 91 9883504512, 91 9330948167

"For us, film is not an industry, rather an activism.
It is not all about gloss."


  1. anupam mukhopadhyayJanuary 9, 2012 at 8:35 PM

    looks good ...

  2. Watched Replica trailer... Its nice really.....

    Also "Memories of a Dead Township" .... Watch it if u r missing ur Birthplace...

  3. My support will continue....

    -- Avishek Thakur


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