Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Updates: BYOFF, 2012

The 23rd Feb was the Little Fish Eat Big Fish Evening at BYOFF this year. The 3rd compilation was screened at screen 1 and was received with warmth. As usual, people were overwhelmed when they came to know that 'Replica' was produced with 400 rupees or the production of 'Memories...of a Dead Township' required no money. It's good to see that people are recognizing us as a unique kind of platform that takes up or comes up with unbelievably produced films every year.

The interest is increasing. This year at BYOFF Anamitra Roy started his fundraising campaign for a 90 minute feature. The campaign has launched as "The One Rupee Film Project" and can be followed on this blog.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Updates: Kolkata Book Fair, 2012

Just like the previous year, there was a ban on selling DVDs in the Little Magazine Pavilion this year too. Most of the magazines could not put the 3rd Compilation on their table for displaying. The Situation was tough. But as we've overcome the primary and the most important constraint i.e the financial one, these restrictions mean nothing to us. We have successfully distributed 62 copies altogether in this Book Fair. Thanks to the magazines that stood by us. We will need them again in future.

44 + 62 makes it 106. The production cost is almost recovered.

We are now looking forward to make our DVDs available in different towns of West Bengal. So, if you know someone from a local store, someone who can help, please inform us. We won't mind selling our DVDs from a restaurant or a grocery-store but from our point of view book-stores are preferred. Thank you