Friday, January 15, 2010

In Search of Dead Golds (Mrito Kanchan-er Lobh-e), 2009, Bengali, 12 mins

In Search of Dead Golds was the first no budget short film made under the banner of "Little Fish Eat Big Fish". It was written and directed by Arupratana Ghosh, a poet and writer.

Mrito Kanchaner Lov- e was shot in last winter (Dec'08), i.e., exactly one year ago. The December was not so soothing. In fact it was the hottest winter of the decade.

Digitally it appeared that urban memories, which are very discrete in nature, were giving an oblique structure to the film. We could merely stop them and hence touched the geographical end lines of our city marked by the age old river and the newly constructed super masculine highways , to talk a bit personally.

The things we deserve & those we hate, the awe some River & the splashing markets, our kisses to our girls & our desire for a story line – everything remained in a blue !

And The Hunters of the Blue – can I put the name of Mr. Brueghel , the fifth man who was with us in the car..

We chose a faded colour for the film.

Cut to Whites !


Mrito Kanchan-er Lobh-e (In Search of Dead Golds)

Bengali, 2009, 12 minutes

Casting: Manab Sharma, Sriparna Dey, Anamitra Roy, Arkapratim

Camera: Arupratan Ghosh

Graphics: Sriparna

Production Control: Tata Mukhopadhyay

Sound and Editing: Anamitra Roy

Music: Dipyaman Ganguly

Written and Directed by: Arupratan Ghosh


  1. Why are you guys trying so hard to publicise your "avant-garde" filmmaking through a blog in English when it is obvious that you are rather constipated in that language? Sorry to point out, but "Golds" sounds like grammar-translation from Bengali. Besides, you quote and cite mouthfuls of hallowed sources from Borges to Brueghel without knowing how to spell their names correctly. First grow up and then try to be avant-garde!

    But, it doesn't look like you'll heed this advice (monkeys on heat never do). So, good luck!

    Cyrus Surendranath

  2. how to spell ? dont teach me.i learn from d anandabazar.


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