Thursday, January 21, 2010

Five No Budget Films 3: ... Athoba Bhoy-er Golpo (aka ... Or, A Horror Film)

...Athoba Bhoy-er Golpo (aka ...Or, A Horror Film) is inspired from a short story by Daniil Kharms, a little known Russian poet and short story writer. The film is about the paranoia inherent in the urban mindscape that prohibits oneself from fulfilling his/her desire.

One day, the nameless protagonist of the story comes across a stranger, and that triggers off a series of bizarre incidents in his otherwise event-less existence. He finds a dead body in his flat, he meets a girl who tries to seduce him, he desperately tries to get rid of the dead body... but, at the end, he becomes more confused than ever!

The film examines how power intervenes in our lives, almost imperceptibly, and then starts re-engineering our activities and desires.

...Athoba Bhoy-er Golpo (aka ...Or, A Horror Film)
Bengali, 2010, 19 min

Cast: Sankha Subhra Ganguly, Doelpakhi Dashgupta, Kanchan Sengupta
Cinematography: Arupratan Ghosh, Rajshekhar Das
Sound and Editing: Anamitra Roy
Costume: Pritha Chattopadhyay
Make Up: Sriparna Dey
Producion Control: Avishek Dashgupta, Pritha Chattopadhyay
Screenplay and Direction: Souva Chattopadhyay

...Athoba Bhoy-er Golpo--- Trailer

Production Stills

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  1. I watched all the films on dvd. Congrats first of all for the entire project and its creative ideology. The films almost had everything--a dry wit, often chiseled into terseness, haunting compositions, a constant awareness of the medium in all its self-reflexivity, the post-realist and post-metaphysical ethics of the aesthete, well-chosen background scores. There were occasions when I did not like the acting particularly. The films bristle with a neo avant-gardist aesthetic spirit, which is so heartening to see in today's times when most of pop-culture borders on thoughtless infancy. To me, art is all about ceaseless interrogation until that enigmatic flash-point is arrived at where truth, however fragmented it may be, explodes radically. It is much like a land-mine...the PING of the ineluctable gunshot.

    The political and contemporaneous adaptation of Borges's book of sand is brilliant.

    Jean Luc Godard had no script is a very interesting assemblage where the political and the cinematic/aesthetic revolutions inter-mesh.

    Athoba Bhoy has a winning story that sets the film up. The acting leaves a lot of room for improvement but the cinematography and screenplay ensures a great impact.

    Antoral is typically Arupda-esque, combining crime-fiction with political reality.

    I loved Proti Biplob-- very well composed, impressive acting, memorable visuals.

    To end on a fitting note with Mao Tse-Tung
    "The combination of conditional, relative identity and unconditional, absolute struggle constitutes the movement of opposites in all things". (On Contradiction)

    Kudos to all...we are waiting to see the little fish eat the big fish...This is a cinema that endorses thinkability...long live cinema...


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