Monday, January 25, 2010

Five No Budget Films 4: Antoraal (aka A Hiding)

A Bengali film of 15 Mnts Duration. The film describes the Primary and the Darker things, that the year 2009 inherits. Hope, you will enjoy!!

Antoraal (aka A Hiding)
Bengali, 2010, 15 min

Cast: Manab Sharma, Jiniya Chatterjee, Soumitra Chowdhury, Joydeep Dam
Dialogue: Mukesh Gupta
Production Control: Tata Mukhopadhyay and Sukanya Ghosh
Graphics: Sriparna
Camera: Joydeep Bose
Sound and Editing: Anamitra Roy
Story and Direction: Arupratan Ghosh

Antoraal-- The Trailer

Production Stills


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  2. The more I look at the glimpses from your films, the more appalled and disgusted I am. The voiceover in the film sounds like bad, Bengali little magazine gibberish with a garnishing of half-understood Mani Kaul and Chris Marker. The two morons you've cast here, look like side-benchers from an ETV telefilm. So much for "avant-garde"!

    As for the Amiyabhushan passage, it has become so horribly predictable for a certain class of Bengali-intellectual-aspirants to dig out lesser known authors and cite them hoping they sound/look counter-culturish enough! Sorry, but reading the passage on camera is the most facile and unimaginative thing you could have done. Of course, it would take any of you a hundred years or more to approach an Amiyabhushan text as a film. I can bet some of you, if not all, do write in the so-called little magazines. The problem is precisely that technology has made it possible for people like you to appropriate a medium like DV, and thereby turn what could have been a revolution into a shitty farce.

    Most of your cinematic inspirations seem to stem from France or Latin America. Do try and find out more about what is happening NOW in Asian cinema, and what Asian auteurs are doing with DV, before you make fools of yourselves jumping around with a digital camera, making 5 films in 6 months.

    Sorry for being so nasty, but felt compelled to call a spade a spade! Hope you guys won't take it personally.

    Cyrus Surendranath


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