Saturday, January 29, 2011

Book Fair Updates on January 29th aka GUILD-CHANDALI


from yesterday we are unable to distribute our copies openly in the Book Fair due to hindrances from the guild. The problem started on the 27th. During the evening some guild officials came to table no. 157 aka Guruchandali. They tried to gather information about the films and the forum etc and instructed not to sale DVDs in the little magazine pavilion. They said that the pavilion is strictly meant for little magazines only and DVDs or such things should be sold from the IT pavilion. Yesterday they came again and threatened that they would be bound to throw Guruchandali out of the corner if the magazine does not stop selling DVDs. "It was there in the conditions. Haven't you read them?"they added.

So, from today, we suppose, we won't be able to distribute our copies in the open. If you come looking for one please contact one of these numbers to collect your copy.

Anamitra: 9883103809 / 9143251670
Sriparna: 9883504512
Arupratan: 9432860086
Snigdhendu: 9330948167
Debarghya: 9007336434

If the conditions don't change our copies won't be available after the 1st day of February.

We believe we produce an annual little magazine of films every year. That's what we take our no-budget films for. They can't stop our distribution this way!

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