Friday, March 19, 2010

Resolutions : Taken on 18th March

The annual meeting that was announced earlier on this blog has taken place on the scheduled date and time. Members present at the meeting are Arupratan, Anamitra, Sriparna, Sumit, Snigdhendu and Pratik. Others who couldn't come due to certainly arouse conditions but kept in touch with us are Souva, Abhishek, Mainak and Dhriti. On the basis of all its members' consent, the LBEBF has taken the following resolutions in the meeting.

1. The members have decided to submit a minimum subscription of Rs.50/- per month to keep the LFEBF running. The fund raised by this monthly subscription is to be spent on keeping all the promotional activities alive throughout the year.

2. The yet unsold 30 copies are the last copies of the '5 No Budget Films, 2010'- packaged edition. After these, the packaged edition will no longer be available. Only the pouch edition will be there to buy.

3. Our next project is to release 8-10 no-budget short films (duration 10 minutes each) in one DVD on the 1st day (Which shall be the 11th January) of Kolkata Little Magazine Fair, 2011. All the members are hereby informed that the last date for submission of rush is 15th December, 2010. Some of the directors have alredy announced their date of completion -------

Arupratan Ghosh - Spring Tale - 31st May
Sriparna Dey - Two or Three Things .... About Visuals - 30th June
Anamitra Roy - Secret Footage - 31st August
Snigdhendu Bhattacharya - (Not Announced Yet) - 30th September
Souva Chattopadhyay - (Not Announced Yet) - 15th December
Pratik Mondal - (Not Announced Yet) - 15th December

But before all these a long awaited film is going to release in the month of July. The film that brought Anamitra, Sriparna, Snigdhendu, Pratik together with Sumit and Abhishek.

Subimal Misra is Dead
(aka) Subimal Misra: Shot @ Underground
(aka) Asole Eti Subimal Misrer Biggyapon Hoe Uthte Parto

A short film on the maverick and audacious experimentalist anti-establishment Bengali author Subimal Misra. An LFEBF presentation in association with Byas (Bengali Little Magazine), Abosardanga (Bengali Little Magazine), and of course Open Secret.

We guess a little surprise is waiting for the readers in the next post of this blog. Keep visiting. Good bye. Best regards from the house of LFEBF

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  1. Amar jeta bolar chhilo LFEBF er nijosso ekta Savings Bank Account darkar, aachhe ki?

    Jekhan-e collected taka thakbe. Echhara-o onno kono source theke LFEBF er A/C e taka joma haoar jonno Bank A/C ta dorkar.
    For instance, kono International Film Festival-e LFEBF-er production screen haoar por, Festival Organising Committee-r dorkar porlo award money amount ta LFEBF-er A/C te debe ebong tar jonno darkar porlo LFEBF-er SB A/C (karon organiser-ra LFEBF er kono member-er personal SB A/C e amount ta transfer korte chailo na)

    erokom aaro kichhu.

    Ekhon kotha holo SB A/C korte gele LFEBF-er Registration No. laagbe.

    Taar jonno LFEBF ke ekti non-profit organisation hisebe Registered hote hobe.

    Registration-er jonno jeta prothom darkar ekti Executive Committee, min. 7-9 joner including President, Vice President and Secretary, Treasurer etc.

    baaki ja laagbe pore dekha jabe.

    Amar point ta chhilo etai je LFEBF-er alada SB A/C proyojon hote pare!

    Think about that.



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