Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Refreshing Start: Our Next Project

Arupratan Ghosh has started shooting his forthcoming film today. This is going to be his fourth film. It's a ten minutes short being shot in a digital camera. LFEBF is planning to announce the next venture, an anthology of ten minutes short no-budget films. The project will be finalized in the next LFEBF meeting. Anamitra, Sriparna, Snigdhendu, Abhishek and Pratik have already started developing and putting their concepts into shape.

the child has cried and it is healthier than we ever expected.

[To All The Members of LFEBF:
Please follow the blog regularly. The date of the next meeting is going to be posted here in the next two or three days. No one is going to be informed personally. Remember, may be we are friends or enemies or comrades or whatever, may be we have a drink or a fight when we meet but right now the warfare has begun and everyone shall stick together. As your participations were voluntary in the last project i.e '5 No-Budget Films, 2010' we expect you again to be there this time. But frankly, we don't know anything about your personal state of mind. How much is left within you after all these. If you are here for the cause, stay for the cause.... and if you are here because your friends are making films and you think you should be making one too, just leave. We don't want anymore problems to be caused due to misconceptions ( if you have one, you know what is being said). Everyone is very much important but no individual is really important that much.... you know it.
Follow the your responses as comments. That's all. You will be informed timely before any and every event.]

Anyone interested to participate and help is cordially invited to the Meeting.


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