Thursday, May 20, 2010

On BasantoGatha By Arupratan Ghosh

We've just completed the film "BasantoGatha". After releasing the DVD (“Five No Budget Films” ) last January , LFEBF decided to release another DVD comprising of a good number of 10 films as its next project. This film (Basanto Gatha) is made for that DVD ("Dwitio Writu" : Season II), expected to be released by the end of this year.

BasantoGatha (Duration 15 Mnts) was shot during March- April '10, using a Canon Digital Camera (Non SLR). The ephemeral senses of those evenings in Kolkata and suburb surely added gestures of its own kind into the images. The fake blood , dropping down from the heart of the city, slapped me in the last day of shooting.

Nevertheless , we used few lines from “Hawa” (The Wind), a collection of poems By Arup Ghosh, in the film. These are outrageous.

The arrows are much straighter this time! Hope all of us will have a comprehensive viewing of the film.

BASANTOGATHA ( Aka A Spring Tale / Ballad of Spring)

Casting :
Rajkumar Mukhopadhyay, Kanchan Sengupta, Jiniya Chatterjee,Nabendu Bikash Roy, Atanu Singha, Rangeet Mitra, Arup Ghosh

Voice Over :
Taken From "Hawa" (The Wind), a collection of begali poems By Arup Ghosh

Mukesh Gupta

Production Control :
Sukanya Ghosh

Editing :
Anamitra Roy

Photography & Direction :
Arupratan Ghosh

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